Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Message Board!

Due to the frequent activity has been receiving, and due to the poor medium the comment option is for communicating with one another, I've decided to add a message board onto the website for the purpose of encouraging discussion, debate and Christian fellowship online. There are several great reasons for doing this:

First, that a message board is an excellent way for people to discuss and share ideas with each other in a comfortable and convenient manner, regardless of venue.

Secondly, that the message board brings together brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the globe. This really is my primary motivation for creating one, seeing that the TM community spans the map rather extensively. I think of brother Nathan in Woodstock, and Mike in Acadia, Greg in Kelowna BC, Luke in Guelph Ontario, Adam and Karen in Fredericton, brother Ricky in Edmonton Alberta, Micah and Katie in Moncton, Paul in San Marco Texas, Andrew in Saint John, Thomas in Stuttgart Germany, and on and on... not to mention myself being on the road, the numerous other readers abroad, and all my dear friends back home. It is my sincere desire to see this message board become a reference point for a community of scattered localities.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, for the promotion of discussing Scripture, doctrine and theology in order to hammer out difficult issues within Christianity, a practise which is often neglected but absolutely necessary. I believe it is thoroughly beneficial and in our best interest for Christians to sharpen iron against iron and learn more from one another.

Fourthly and finally, for the cause of keeping in touch with the family of God, as we don't get to fellowship with each other as often as we would like, and as often as would please the Lord (Hebrews 10:25). What a blessing it is to stay in touch with the brothers and sisters despite the obstacle of distance!

I heartily encourage all the TM community to sign up on the message board and participate in full, being confident that God can use this service to be a blessing, encouragement, help and refreshment to all for the glory of God.

(A link can also be found on the side menu)

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