Saturday, June 17, 2006

Timothy Ministry Articles

I've decided to put up this resource as an easy access menu to all the old articles on this site. The page will be updated as new articles are posted. A link to this page can be found on the main side menu. This list does not include non-article posts (ex. outreach reports), which can be found by exploring the archives. All articles are posted by topic.

Isaiah 59:20 - The Banishing of Ungodliness from Jacob
"Light" in the Gospel of John
James and Paul on Justification: An Introduction
What Does "Jesus is Lord" Mean?
Faith or Faithfulness?
Moses vs. Christ?
Is Baptism Essential for Salvation?
Go and Sin No More
Beware of Charles Finney
A New Heart Will I Give Them
The Supreme Problem of Guilt
Evangelism and Hell
Dennis or Jesus: How Do You Understand Your Relationship with the Father?
1 Corinthians 6:9-11 - The Unrighteous Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God
My Experience in Revivalism
The True Nature of the Law
Look Not to Yourself, But to God
The Power of the Son of Man
The Great Meaning of Metanoia
The Concept of Sinning in 1 John
The Trouble with "Lordship Salvation"
Thoughts on 1 John: Doing Righteousness
A Letter to a Limited Atonement Brother
A Critique of Limited Atonement and the Problem of Double Jeopardy
The Mediator: Part 1 and Part 2
True Christianity
Christology 101
Repentance and the Covenants
Counterfeit Grace
Penance vs. Grace
Parallels Between Romans and Galatians
Acts 8:26-38 - A Baptism Message
The God of All Grace
Does Baptism Wash Away Our Sins?
Come Unto Me, All Ye That Labor
Justice and Mercy
What is the Gospel?
The Law of God
John 3:16 - God So Loved
Is Faith a Work?
Cheap Grace
Short Meditations on Faith, Repentance and the Will
A Question on Punishment
Missing the Mark
Evidence that "the Law" Includes the Moral Law
Jesus, the Shepherd and Door of His People
Justification and Resurrection
Repentance from Dead Works
The Blessed Gift of Repentance
The Incarnation of Christ


Living Life According to How God Made Us to Be
2 Peter 3:10-14 - Two Exhortations in Light of the Day of the Lord
How Should Christians View Alcohol?
Sanctification: What and How
Martin Luther on Assurance of Salvation
The Third Use of the Law
Free to Do Whatever You Want
Mind, Will and Ability
No Longer a Slave to Sin
Homosexuality: What Does God Have to Say?
The Mortification of Sin
How Grace and Works Fit Together
Grace to Live By
Romans 8:12-13 - Living By the Spirit
Thoughts on Christian Unity in the Theological Realm
Spiritual Service
On the Book of Enoch and New Revelations
In Defense of the Doctrine of Justification Through Faith Alone
Thinking About Hell
Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits
Mormonism is Not Just Not Christian, It is the Opposite of Christianity
The Protestant Principle of Sola Scriptura
Why is Outer Space So Big?
Thoughts on Atheism and on Being Raised Religious
The Origin of the Book of Mormon
What's a Christian to Do with Christmas?
David Hume and the Problem of Evil
The Reason for Hell
The Importance of Understanding Sin
Annihilating the Canaanites: Was that Right?
Letter to a Mormon Friend
Do Mormons and Christians Really Agree?
Socrates on the Existence and Goodness of the Divine
Some Thoughts on the Veracity of the New Testament
The Bible and Homosexuality: A Reply to Matthew Vines
Is the Exodus Story Historical?
A Braggadocious Culture
Letter to the Editor: Blood Atonement
Catholics and Protestants: Can There Be Unity? (Part Three)

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