Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CITA Radio Interview

Last Saturday proved to be a blessed time in Moncton, with a sizeable crowd attentive to the preaching, a few strange phenomenons on the street, a time of prayer right out in public, and the sharing of God's truths to group of drug dealers. Most notably, however, was that a local Christian radio manager heard the sermon I was preaching and afterwards approached me with the intent of going on the air live for a spur-of-the-moment radio interview. The interview went remarkably well, and was recorded and is now available online. You won't want to miss this exciting interview with Moncton's Jeff Lutes, as we talk about evangelism, revival and salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I strongly encourage everyone to give this file a listen. Download this excellent interview below:

Eli Brayley - CITA Radio Interview


T.C. said...

hey brother! That's great! keep up the sweet street evangelism!


Nicholas Coates said...

Wouldnt talking with a group of drug dealers be more "notable" than talking with more Christians via the radio?

Michael G. McKay said...

Hi eli, I just thought I would drop in a reply, I really enjoyed the interview you had with heather Hughes, I think that you are doing great and I pray that the Protection of the Lord will be upon you. if you have an opportunity lets get together for a tea or, coffee sometime maybe around the end of the month.

My email is said...


I wept. Revival. Joseph Alline. O Lord move please in Canada send revival, USE US!!!! I am praying for you brother, we have to meet and minister together as the Lord allows.


Eli said...

Brother TC, you got your hair cut! Excellent. :)

Brother Nick, while all those things are notable, I just meant to say the opporunity to go on live radio and be broadcasted across Moncton with the gospel of Jesus Christ was unexpected and advantageous, without negating the sharing of Christ with the drug dealers; which also was exceptional.

Greg, bless you brother. Amen. Lord, oh send revival.

Anonymous said...

Glory to God! I am going to listen to this on CD in my car today.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview brother! I pray that God will continue to unlock doors as you faithfully preach the gospel where ever you go.