Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Daily Gleaner

"SOAPBOX SERMON: Eli Brayley, with his Bible in hand, was preaching to passerbyers on King Street recently." (Daily Gleaner 02/05/06)

Last Friday a friend and I went out preaching on King Street and for the most part the afternoon went very well. I started the day by preaching from James 4:6, "God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble." I was talking about how Jesus the Son of God humbled Himself to lowly man, to a manger, to rejection and to the cross. It was awesome to see many people listening to the gospel. The local Rabbi even was there to hear a bit of the sermon!

After preaching for a while my friend got up to preach for the very first time, and ironically, a photographer from the Daily Gleaner came right around the corner about 1 minute into his message. The guy from the Gleaner started talking to my friend thinking it was me, telling him that he had heard how I was preaching all over Fredericton, etc... finally he figured out it wasn't him but the myself standing off to the side! It was quite unusual.

Well, I was done preaching. The anointing and power was present earlier but at this point I did not feel to preach any further. But the Gleaner guy wanted a picture of me so I got up on the box again and started preaching, but after I didn't feel right about it. I felt like I had preached for the sake of the picture rather then for God and the people. So when I found the photographer later on I asked him if he would not put the picture in the paper. He was quite upset and literally stormed off when I insisted.

Well, needless to say, he put the picture in the newspaper, and to my dismay I f0und out about it at work today. That's just how the world is, but the Lord knows... perhaps the picture will work for good, as the Bible says in Romans 8:28.

That's all for now, dear saints. Keep building yourselves up in the most holy faith.


Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless you and keep you strong in faith brother Eli.

Anonymous said...

The Reason he was probably so upset is because he gets paid by what he submits. By using up a bunch of his time and then telling him he can't use any of it is like your boss telling you to build a house, and when your finished he changes his mind and tells you to build another in a different location and that he won't pay you for the work done.

Just thought I should add that to show that the photographer was not without reason for being upset.

Eli said...

Yes, I know full well why he was upset, but my conscience is clear and that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Your Conscience does not feed his familly or pay his rent.

Eli said...

Anonymous, why so antagonistic?

I'm here to please God, not man. Mine is the answer of a good conscience towards God. I don't go there to feed his family, but to preach the Word of God.

Nicholas Coates said...

He's not being antagonistic, rather furtering his point. In the sense that he is arguing, yes he is the antagoniser but it is not a bad thing. He has a point, you both do. Be gracious of him explaining the photographer's perspective, it may help your preaching later. If we know where others, especially "non christians", are coming from it helps our ministry for we can aim it directly at them. Anonymous brings up a valid point. Would you not be doing your Christian duty by allowing him to submit that photo, thereby putting food on his family's table? Both your honouring God and following Christ's commandments are in good conscience towards God. For we are called to feed the hungry and if letting him do his job does that, we are right with God. I realise you think you are called to preach but that does not belittle the other commandments you must follow.


Adam Paynter said...

Hey, Eli

Karen and I just received a copy of the paper today from our land lord. I took a look and the photograph was taken by the same reporter who took mine the other month. Small world!

- Adam

Anonymous said...


In the future, if you don't want your pictures to be published and don't want to be quoted by the media, don't talk to the media and don't pose for photos. Anonymous has a good point - you wasted the photographers time.

You also said: "I found out about it at work today". Does this mean you have a job?


Eli said...


You were not there. You don't know what happened. Mistakes are a law of learning, I wasn't prepared when he came around, I didn't know he would even come, and he asked if he could have a picture and so I got up to preach prematurely, but after I was convicted about it. Just lay off the remarks and have a heart. You come across to me as a most cold hearted individual.

Yes, I am working this summer so I may pay my way to the States in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eli,

I didn't know you are planning to go to the US this Fall. What are you going there for?

Are you working at UNB again this Summer?

I'll be back in Freddy early in June. We'll have to catch up then. Take care.


Eli said...

Yeah brother, I'm working at UNB again this summer. Looking forward to your returning, would love to get together! I'll share all about my plan for the fall.

God bless, Jedd

Anonymous said...



Preach some more.

Then, preach again.