Monday, March 13, 2006

Examine Yourself

This isn't anything new or complicated... I just thought I'd post a few simple questions for us all to stop and examine ourselves:

1. Am I nourishing my spirit with the Word of God? Am I eating as much spiritual food as I am physical food? If I ate as much real food as I read my Bible, would I be a malnourished starving wreck?

2. What does my prayer life look like right now (not what did it look like in the past)? Am I spending time with Jesus, my precious Savior? Can I spend hours in front of the TV yet find it hard to spend half an hour on my knees? Do I need to seriously discipline myself in this area and ask Jesus to make it natural and enjoyable and not an inconvenience?

3. Am I bearing good fruit or bad fruit in my life? Do my actions line up according to what I say? Can others see Christ in my life, and are the fruits ripe so that they can glean from them?

4. Do I die daily and take up my cross, peeling away the calloused layers of selfishness off my heart? Is the mind of Christ in me, which is selflessness, or does my flag still fly high from the walls of the castle?

5. Is there anyone that I harbor unforgiveness against? Do I hold any grudges, cherish any bitterness or nurture any resentment towards others?

6. Do I thank God consistently, rejoice in the Lord always, and praise Him unceasingly?

7. Am I honest before God and honest before men, or do I put on a performance in order to hide who I really am? Do I act as a different person when I am around my Christian or non-Christian friends?

8. Do I love the world or anything in the world? Are there things in my life I know that shouldn't be because my conscience warns me so? Do my deeds, interests and affections adhere to the will of God?

9. Am I concerned about lost souls? Do I occupy myself with eternal matters and the task of the Great Commission, where Jesus called me to seek and save those who are on their way to hell forever? Or am I more interested in doing other things than what is truly important?

10. Finally, do I willfully give God all the glory in everything I do? Do I choose to acknowledge Him in all my ways, and live and move have my being to please Him, and to magnify Jesus Christ whether by my life or by my death?


Adam O said...

These certainly are some fundamental questions that we all need to ask ourselves. Not just once, but every now and then, to be sure we are on track.
Blessings on you Eli. May your ministry be increased, and may God reveal Himself to you in a fresh, new way!
Peace brother,
Adam O

Nick McCaig said...

Thanks for these questions brother. Blessings

Luke Coughey said...

I think that these are questions we should be asking ourselves daily. May I suggest that you put a link to these questions on the side of your blog so that we can return to them daily.

Eli said...

Sounds like a good idea that would edify everyone.