Friday, February 10, 2006

Open Mic with Heather Hughes

Timothy Ministry is going on the radio next Monday, February 20th, upon invitation to "Open Mic with Heather Hughes". Be sure to tune in to CJRI.FM 94.7 at 12:20pm to hear what Timothy Ministry is all about and how you can help spread the gospel to this needy city of Fredericton.

You can also listen to the broadcast online by clicking here.

Again, that's 94.7FM at 12:20pm (afternoon). May Jesus be glorified, the devil be petrified, and the saints be edified!

(ADDED: Click here to find out what happened)

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T.C. said...

hey man,

yeah i know Ross Ingram, i think he owns the joint? I don't really know but i know he does a lot of work there!