Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CJRI Radio Interview

Yesterday I had the priviledge of being on Open Mic with Heather Hughes, a radio talkshow featured on CJRI.FM 94.7. What followed was a fruitful and blessed interview that is now available for download right here on the website! I strongly desire that all who visit this site would take the time to listen to the program, because in it I explain what Timothy Ministry is all about, how it began, it's vision, and what you can do to help. May the Lord raise up people in this city who know their God, who will take the gospel message of salvation to the lost sheep of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. All glory goes to Jesus:

Eli Brayley - Open Mic with Heather Hughes (CJRI Radio Interview)
(Click the link above, then click Download, Save, then rename and place the file)


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord Jesus! God bless you brother Eli, it is very encouraging to hear this interview from your local radio station. We are praying for you, and Fredericton in Ontario.

God bless!

Nicholas Coates said...

Cant get the link to work, although it has for others, must be the connection or something.

Brother Paul said...

Eli,I enjoy your posts, here and also on www.fieldpreacher.com. Keep on preaching repentance, and be sure to post more open-air samples to inspire your fellow soldiers of Christ who are also engaged in spiritual "trench warfare" in different geographical locations of the harvest. May God continue to bless your faithful ministry.