Monday, November 14, 2005

Rest For Your Souls

"This is what the Lord says:
'Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.'" - Jeremiah 6:16

Christians must make many decisions... we make them on a daily basis. Some decisions we must make are far more important than others, and others make seemingly little difference.

Yet so often we are walking in this world full of unrest and worry, with a fair load of anxiety and troubles because of the many choices we face and the fear of making the wrong one. The people of the world are not any different. Stress reliever sales are at an all time high. Must Christians suffer the same disarray? No, we have Christ!

The Lord tells us the way to choose. He says "Stand at the crossroads..." Our orders are to stand... do not move, do not choose, do not hastily run in the way that first seems right, but first stand still. Standing still is a common theme throughout Scripture, however it does not seem to be a common theme among believers. In a world of fast paced, touch and go living, it is easy to fall victim to it's pattern. We must learn to be patient and stand still before we rush into making a decision. Our decisions will effect our future and consequently the future of others as well. By standing still we can look.

What are we looking for? Psalm 123 - "Unto Thee I lift up my eyes, O Thou that dwellest in the heavens." We look to the Lord, we look to His Word... we look to the path that the Lord has already walked in, that we to may walk that way. This is what the ancient paths are: the paths in which the Lord has walked. "...Ask where the good way is..." The good Shepherd of ours souls, He walks before us and we follow. He leads us by still waters, to green pastures. He knows the good way for us to walk, and we follow Him. "And you will find rest for your souls."

Are you facing a decisions? Stand still, look to the ancient paths, ask for the good way and walk in it. If we learn to not move until we have found the path of God, is this not rest? The rest which allows God to govern our steps and not do it ourselves. What glorious security for our souls!

Stand, look, ask.


Anonymous said...

Good word Eli! Christians face a lot of pressure to move, to know exactly what god has for you and if you aren't doing anything, you are frowned upon. I like this scripture, thank you for pointing it out!!

Anonymous said...

That's one of my favourite verses too, Eli! Russ Rosen (from Rise Up, Upstream, Russ Rosen Band) has a song taken directly from that scripture, and it's often a good reminder! What I find hard is taking the first step of Faith into the Path He shows me. Like right now, I'm facing a I commit to helping out with another G&S musical? or will that take up time I should be focussing elsewhere over the next season?? I'm learning that His Grace is enough for any situation, and I'll try to make sure my heart is right with Him and follow what's in my heart to do. I have stood...I'm not rushing in to this...I've looked, Jesus spent time with people who needed to know Him is the time to walk in the Way. I can't do this, but He can!
Thanks again for the reminder!

Eli said...

By the way, I hope you all have noticed, but if you click on the picture it will take you to a specified hymn. Most pictures for these types of my posts will do that.
For Jesus,

Anonymous said...

This word really speaks to me at this time. I seem to be standing at one of the biggest crossroads I have come to yet, and this was a reminder to stand back and seek out the Lord's path.
Peace brother,
Adam O